Why is Workflow Automation important for a business?

The firm gains many advantages from automated workflows. Process automation has the potential to boost business performance in a variety of ways, from boosting productivity to simplifying daily tasks.

  • Workflow automation improves work effectiveness and frees up staff time for non-automated tasks.
  • Through the automation of repetitive and redundant operations, workflow automation boosts productivity.
  • Customer service is enhanced by automated client-facing activities.

The growth of workflow automation

These data highlight how different industries have used workflow automation. These statistics concentrate on a number of topics, including the adoption of workflow automation, the percentage of organisations that employ automation, and the percentage of business processes that are automated.

  • At least one important business function has been entirely automated in 31% of the companies.
  • 13% of the firms questioned claim to be using scaled intelligent automation solutions; 23% are doing so, and 37% are piloting it.

Statistics on the Effects and Advantages of Automation

The productivity of the process is one of the key reasons why businesses automate their operations. Automation eliminates the errors and inconsistencies inherent in manual operations. Time is significantly reduced when repetitive processes in a process are automated. Automation boosts employee abilities and job happiness in addition to increasing company revenue. Companies with concerns about the advantages of automation might find answers in these numbers.

  • 90% of executives anticipate that their investments in automation will increase their workforce's capability during the following three years.
  • 73% of IT sector leaders credit automation for the 10–50% time savings in task completion.
  • Up to 51% of automation projects have increased corporate productivity as their goal.

Automation in Sales and Marketing

Automation technology is being used by sales and marketing teams to increase conversion rates, lead generation, and deal closing. The buyer's journey can be automated to increase consumer connection and engagement. These figures provide insight into how businesses are developing their sales and marketing automation strategies.

  • In the upcoming year, 55% of worldwide marketers intend to raise their spending on marketing technology overall.
  • Sales automation increases departmental productivity by 14.5% and reduces marketing expenses by 12.2%.
  • Sales teams have been able to close 30% more deals, shorten the sales cycle by 18%, and save 14% on administrative work thanks to Salesforce.

Automation in Advertising

By nurturing and interacting with all of your prospects, a marketing automation process assists in moving leads along your sales funnel. A marketing workflow can be set up extremely methodically.

  • 70% of the advertisers used Google’s automated bidding software in 2019.
  • In the US in 2018, programmatic advertising made up more than 80% of digital display marketing.
  • By 2022, the majority of businesses would be able to automate 80% of their advertising activities.

Automation in Finance

Any business must have a strong accounting and finance department. When conducting financial transactions, the greatest standards of precision and consistency are necessary. The accuracy and effectiveness of transactions and data processing are improved by automating crucial financial and accounting activities. For your information, the following statistics about automation in finance and accounting.

  • By 2022, banking industry bot-human interactions are anticipated to succeed 90% of the time.
  • More than 50% of CEOs of banking and financial firms are concentrating on process automation to streamline their operations and offerings.
  • The value of the global accounting software market is anticipated to reach 20.4 billion USD by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 8.02% from 2018 to 2026.

If there are processes in your business which are very time consuming or have a high error rate speak to us about animating those work flaws.

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